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What is it you are selling?

We have two categories of products to shop from.

The first is our Vegan Cookie Dough that comes in a roll, ready for you to simply slice & bake. All wrapped in a greaseproof barrier, then into our plastic free boxes. All info & instructions available for easy directions on the box.

The second type of product we do, the Fresh Baked Cookies. These are made to order fresh. Only available via collection from the Doh HQ Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Or local delivery- within the M25. Drop off on Friday only.

What sugars do you use?

We use non-refined sugars only. Mainly using coconut sugar to sweeten. Sometimes using Maple Syrup and occasionlly we will use Stevia.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes! However some of our ingredients we source are packaged or processed in facilities that handle gluten. So even though we don't use gluten in our products, we CANNOT guarantee there is no cross contamination.

What are the allergens?

All ingredients we have sourced from facilities that may handle gluten, nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy.

So while we do not use those allergens in our products, we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination.

Allergens: Tree Nuts & Peanuts

We are massive Cookie Nerds. So we love to test new things out. Always sticking to a gluten free formula & using coconut sugar to sweeten, we created the Cookie Bar so we can play around & test out new flavours.

The Cookie bar will offer up Fresh Baked, made-to-order cookies within 2 business days. With a menu that is constantly changing.

How should I store the Fresh baked cookies?

The cookies are made fresh to order. To they should ideally be eaten on the day, however after day 1, they are best stored in an airtight container, or you can clingfilm the box. Exposure to the air is what makes them hard & dry.

If you want to keep them beyond day 2 we would suggest placing them in the fridge & warm them in the oven at 180C fro 5 mins to get a little life back into them. Making sure to fully warm them through.

Where are the cookies made?

All our products are made by hand, in house at our Doh HQ in Teddington. Made in small batches fresh to order.

Our Cookie Dough is 100% safe to eat raw. So you can snack on it out the box, add it to your ice cream, of go to our blog for some cool ideas on how to use it. Including Apple, Crumble, Chocolate Peanut butter Pie and more.

How long does the Cookie Dough last?

It lasts for at least a month in the fridge or you can freeze it for up to a year. Once you defrost it however, you must use it within the month and not refreeze it.

How do I cook the Cookie Dough?

Its quick and easy to use. Simply put the oven on and follow the instructions on the box or here.

Where is the cookie dough made?

All our Cookie dough is hand made, rolled and packaged on site at our Doh HQ. Only made fresh to order.


Why don't you ship the Fresh Bakes Cookies?

Unfortunately we only ship the Cookie Dough overnight at this point. We hope this will change in the near future. Our cookies are a little fragile as we dont add any preservatives or rubbish They are super soft and gooey inside and shipping at the moment will just crush them. We are woking on some solid delivery packaging to make it possible for you to get our cookies in perfect condition. Keep up to date and sign up for our mailing list.

How does shipping work?

We offer shipping/Postal delivery across the UK Mainland

With a flat rate of £7.50, we carefully package our boxes with added cooling Eco Gel packs for hotter months. Boxes are delivered to your door by post. Order by 12pm for 2 business days delivery. You will be able to pick your date at checkout. UK Mainland (except Scottish Highlands).

We ONLY ship our Cookie Dough & not our fresh cookies at this time. Using a third party courier currently. The Fresh Baked Cookies are only available for pick up or local delivery London & Surrounding areas only- all postcodes within the M25.

How can I get your Cookies & Cookie Dough?

There are three ways to make this happen...

Collection: You can pick up your orders form Doh HQ in Teddington Mon-Fri 1-am-4pm. Free parking available. No charge for collection.

Local Delivery: Only available for London & Surrounding areas. We do deliveries every Friday for a flat rate of £5. at checkout you can check if your postcode is eligible.

Shipping/Postal delivery: Only our Cookie dough is available for shipping. Packed with our Eco Gel Packs for cooling in the hot months. Arriving in 2 x business days. We will send on an overnight delivery service once we have processed made your order. Flat rate of £7.50.

How long will it take to get those cookies to me?

Approximately 2 x business days

All orders will take 1 x business day to process & manufacture. Then 1 x business day for delivery. Depending on the day you order. At checkout you can pick your day for delivery or collection. You will be able to see what is available. The day you pick should be the day you recieve it or collect it.

For local delivery: It will always be on a Friday. So pick the Friday you want it delivered. Providing you get your order in before 1pm on a Thursday you can get in on the next drop.

Then you will recieve an approximate window for delivery on Friday morning.

Custom, Events & Parties

Do you offer custom orders?

Yes absolutely! Whether you want to say 'Happy B-Day', 'Get Well Soon Babe' or 'Slay B***', we will custom make you a cookie cake whatever the message. Just contact us for info & rates.

Will you come to my party?

Don't need to convince us of a good time!

We can offer either cookie classes for kids or adults, where you can make your own cookie combos, or you might fancy a cookie bar at your wedding. Get in touch, we'll sort it out.

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