We did a thing! We made this apple pie crumble combo with hardly any effort.
 All you need is some apples & a little bit of vegan butter (optional), maybe a sweetener of choice…oh and ½ a pack of our Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Doh.

There is something special about a crumble warm from the oven with some cold cream or ice-cream loaded on top. I dunno about you, but the hot and cold combo really gets me all warm and fuzzy. So here is our version of an apple crumble. It only takes about 10 -15 mins to prep, then bang it into the oven and you are ready to get chill.

It’s all about personal preference. Choose the apples you like, the sweetener you like and the amounts you like. The amounts provided are simply a guide. You cant mess this one up.
All you need to do really is choose your apple type. Some apple variations will crumble and almost disintegrate, losing their shape quickly. That why using a Granny Smith is MY preference. I also like the tart opposition to the sweet dough we use as the topping.

PS, eat it straight out the oven, well cooling it off a few mins- don’t burn yourselves people! Or its JUST as good the next day when all the flavours have ‘melded’ together nicely! Not sure that’s a word but we will go with it.



180g x Doh Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Dough — half box (of course use more if you like more crumble)
4-6 x apples  Granny Smith, but can use other types; peeled, cored & sliced into desired shape, e.g. segments, mandolin thin slices etc.
1 tbsp x Vegan Butter — swap this out for coconut oil if you prefer
2-4 tbsp x Coconut sugar or Pure Maple Syrup  interchange with any sweetener you like; can choose either coconut sugar, maple, agave
1-2 tbsp x Lemon juice
1 tsp (2g) x Cinnamon  optional



Pre heat oven 180 degrees Celsius
Grease appropriate dish. Standard for us is a cast iron dish. Can use any oven baking dish. About 15-18cm. If using bigger just make more apple mix and add more dough.

  1. Peel, core, and shape apple. Standard is to slice into segments. But honestly it doesn’t not matter how they look. Just make sure they are not too small. You want to really get a good bite of apple here.
  2. Add lemon juice immediately after cutting to keep fresh. Sprinkle over some sugar (or sweetener of choice) & cinnamon if using. Mix and cover apples well.
  3. To saucepan add butter. Allow to melt on medium to low heat.
  4. Add apples once butter is fully melted and place on medium heat.
  5. Cook for approximately 5 mins. Do not let apples get too soft. Just cooking off to take edge off the bite. The thinner/smaller the apples the less you need to cook.
  6. Take off heat and allow to cool before handling.
  7. Place the apples in desired layout of dish.
  8. Take your cookie dough and evenly disperse and top the apple mixture. We use ½ box for our skillet, but you can use as much or little as you like. Just note the more you put you may need to cook for longer.
  9. Place in oven for 15-20 mins. OR more if desired crispier more cooked topping.

Enjoy with a dollop of cream or ice cream. Even some custard would be delish. Equally its great on its own! Can also sprinkle with some icing sugar if you want. Makes it look all posh and finished, especially if you are serving it at a dinner party!

July 21, 2023 — Phoebe Middleton

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